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Mastering WordPress: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners with Fiverr Freelancing Integration (4 Days Online Camp)

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well-explained session ❤

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 18, 2024

First of all thank u so much for you effort to teach slowly calmly and well-explained session ❤, I couldn’t do anything but will do it in future

Julius Shiran

Thank you so much for today’s lesson

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 18, 2024

Thank you so much for today’s lesson, even though I couldn’t do anything practical ly due to my technical issue of downloading MAMP , I could grasp the basics. You taught it in the most simple form and made it so interesting. I’m so excited to do it practically once I sort my technical issue.Thanks again for fabulous day 1 at camp.

Shyami K

Clz aka supiri sir 💓

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 18, 2024

Clz aka supiri sir 💓 peya 2kata karapu weda tika godakma watinawa sir me wage supiri clz akakata mn kawadawath join wela ne

Malik Satharasinghe

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in WordPress & Fiverr

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 5, 2024

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in WordPress & Fiver. As a student I must say his teaching technique is amazing, really interactive and really focuses on each student and individually help when some one need extra help to learn. Apart from that he covered almost all need to know, knowledge within limited time he allocated for this course. I’m really impressed and pleased about this opportunity. I rate this course with

Anuradha Samarakkody

Mastering WordPress: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners with Fiverr Freelancing Integration (4 Days Online Camp)


Unlock the full potential of WordPress and elevate your online presence with our exclusive online course, “Mastering WordPress: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners with Fiverr Freelancing Integration.” Whether you’re a complete novice or looking to enhance your skills, this course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to create stunning websites effortlessly.

Course Fee - 10,000.00 LKR /

These Websites Are Created By Participants ! <3

🚀 What You’ll Learn:

  • WordPress Basics: From installation to customization, understand the fundamentals of WordPress and gain confidence in managing your website.
  • Theme Customization: Discover the art of crafting visually appealing websites by learning to customize WordPress themes to suit your unique style and brand identity.
  • Plugin Mastery: Explore essential plugins that enhance functionality and optimize your site for superior performance and user experience.
  • Fiverr Integration: Unleash the power of freelancing by seamlessly integrating Fiverr into your skill set. Learn how to offer WordPress-related services and kickstart your freelance career.

🎓 Course Highlights:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for setting up your WordPress site from scratch.
  • Practical exercises to reinforce your learning and build real-world skills.
  • In-depth insights into Fiverr freelancing opportunities and strategies.
  • Q&A sessions for personalized guidance and problem-solving.

💼 Why WordPress and Fiverr? 

WordPress powers over 40% of the internet, making it a must-know skill for anyone navigating the digital landscape. By combining WordPress expertise with Fiverr freelancing, you’ll open doors to a world of opportunities where you can monetize your skills and offer services to a global audience.

🔥 Join us on this exciting journey to become a WordPress pro and tap into the lucrative world of freelancing on Fiverr. Enroll now and take the first step towards building a successful online presence and a thriving freelance career!

April 4 – 7.00PM-9.30.PM
April 5 – 7.00PM-9.30.PM
April 6 – 7.00PM-9.30.PM
April 7 – 7.00PM-9.30.PM (Final Day / QA Session)

Camp Content Guide: "Mastering WordPress + Fiverr" - 4-Day Intensive Program

Day 1: WordPress Fundamentals

  • Introduction to WordPress

    • Overview of WordPress and its significance
    • Installing WordPress: Step-by-step guide
    • Navigating the WordPress dashboard
  • Understanding Themes

    • Exploring different themes
    • Selecting and installing a theme
    • Customizing the appearance of your site

Day 2: Essential Plugins and Functionality

  • Plugin Essentials

    • Introduction to plugins and their role
    • Must-have plugins for various functionalities
    • Installing and configuring plugins

  • Optimizing Your Website

    • Website performance optimization
    • SEO best practices for WordPress
    • Ensuring security with plugins

  • E-Commerce Web Development

Day 3: Fiverr Freelancing Integration

  • Introduction to Fiverr

    • Understanding the Fiverr platform
    • Exploring WordPress-related services on Fiverr
    • Creating an effective Fiverr gig

  • Setting Up Your Freelancer Profile

    • Crafting a compelling profile
    • Showcasing your WordPress skills
    • Pricing strategies for freelancers

Day 4: Real-world Projects and Q&A Session

  • Hands-on Project Work

    • Applying the learned skills to a practical project
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Feedback and improvement suggestions

  • Monetizing Your Skills on Fiverr

    • Strategies for attracting clients
    • Managing client relationships
    • Building a successful freelance career
  • Q&A Session and Course Recap

    • Open floor for participants’ questions
    • Addressing specific concerns and challenges
    • Recap of key takeaways and next steps

How to Prepare:

  • Ensure you have a WordPress website set up (Day 1).
  • Familiarize yourself with the Fiverr platform (Day 3).
  • Come prepared with questions and challenges for the Q&A session (Day 4).


Enrollment for the course is closing soon. Don’t forget to secure your spot and embark on this transformative journey!


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